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sorry that myrekishimysutouri.wordpress.com is no longer in use.. cause i have change the name..
and wont mention the new url.. if you really wan to know.. you juz have to search for urself.. :)

sorry guys...
i have move to myrekishimysutouri.wordpress.com
cause lj smth give me problem so i decided to leave this place
but i wont del this account :)

What the hell!! In the middle of the night say say say. U think I deaf. Sorry hor. I haven sleep and I heard your voice. Plz lah is brother's fault y muz u like scold mother leh? If he hang up ur call means u are bloody dam annoying and we alt know what u wan to say alr. That y he rather hang up then pick up your call. And he how old alr. He can take care of himself. Y muz u nag mother I ask u? Plz dun say as if she know nothing happen. All she know. And mother is alt tired from working she reach home alr juz do what she wan to do lah. U think she work for so long hour because of who. YOU LAH!! IDIOT!! Who any how spend money that y she have to work and earn a lot of the house. Can't u use ur brain and stop saying others nv use brain!!

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Jul. 18th, 2011

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like i said more things are coming up.. and ya a lot of it..

a week has pass... yes and a lot of thing happen.. sch sch sch and more sch stuff.. mini project, mini project and more mini project.. but when it comes to weekend i just dun wan to do a thing.. too lazy to do it.. and just want to rest for weekend.. weekday, i alr busy enough and no time to rest.. so thought of weekend to rest.. but i keep telling myself not to but the body just wont listen.. so many thing need to be done and not even a thing i had touch.. WHAT WRONG WITH YOU, ZHAO QIN!! WAKE UP AND DO YOUR THING BEFORE HAND... STOP BEING LIKE LAST TIME LAST MIN LAST MIN.. guess i have to be like my cousin go out every sat just to do homework and do some self study on her own without any temptation in front of her.. yeah i shld do that too.. find one or two day to stay back and do finish my stuff so that i wont have to rush every thing at once.. and i decided to do my maths tutorial and some pbl qn during tmr lecture time and im gonna skip my last lecture.. and i think is a waste of time going.. ya... ok lah that all...

not sure is it a confirm a not.. my im 80% sure that is alr approve...
the news is::
IM GOING CHINA!! YEAH!! no no the main thing is IM GOING OVERSEAS!! YEAH!! not with my family.. BUT WITH MY FRIENDS!! COOL OR WHAT! actually im going to china for my attachment lah.. not some shopping shopping trip.. hehehehe.. but im still going overseas for 6 weeks!! cant wait to get out off spore for once.. cause this place is tooo a city place.. as u know i last year went kelong and so dam happy down there.. and i didnt wan to come back to spore.. cause is too stress!! competition here and there.. haiz.... juz wan to go to the country side and relax... drink some hot chocolate and sit on the rocky chair watch my video ... so shoik... 


Jul. 10th, 2011

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ok my stuff have settle alr... so for the past one whole week i went to sch without fail.. erm skip one of the morning lesson.. too tired to wake up.. so this week im sure and confirm going for that lesson heard that got project need to do.. so need to go listen.. and also for the one whole week a lot of thing need to be done.. and got a lot of mini project need to be done too... ya.. so this coming few week is gonna be a busy week for me.. and i stop myself from watching movie and even stop myself from borrowing them at the library.. if i continue on i gonna be dead!..

so this are the list of thing need to be done(not sure when is the due date but trying to finish as soon as possible and try not to delay it):
- maths pbl
- network protocol mini project (i know we have to do it but teacher haven give any instruction on it)
- network vulnerabilities security tools mini project
-network security system mini project (same as network protocol)
- report (have to be ready by this tue or thurs when my report i didnt touch it from before holiday til now so there a lot of 'catch up' need to be done but i know what i suppose to do juz the putting of the english part take my time)
-next week nvst lab quiz

i think shld be that all.. then at the same time have to prepare for my trip to china.. juz waiting for the date to fly and from when to when and other info from the sch..

yup that all.. since i still not yet going to slp i think i shld start doing a bit of my report.. and tmr i decide to bring my laptop to do my report hope i can print it out by then..


I alr told u that is my fault of not reading the form properly. Then u can no need to keep saying right. Juz only ask u to fork out and later then I pay u back why muz u keep saying thing over and over again. And I alr tell u the whole thing and u keep saying if I.., if I... What the use of saying if I... Is the fact that it happen alr. If u fun wan to lend juz say. No need to be like that. Not as if I can't afford it!!

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25 june
in the afternoon went to my cousin house.. and then going to stay over there.. so bernice, cherise, daryl. charyl, xue xin and me after dinner watch twilight: new moon til midnight plus.. after that we should be sleeping ut ending up doing silly stuff in the living room.. and in the bed room.. the picture will do the talking::

next day saturday we planning to go ride bicycle at paris ris park.. but early in the morning start heavy rain alr.. so in the end plan change.. change to playing chinese chess and monoploy.. then after that we settle our lunch at changi airport at terminal 2.. and we eat at swensen.. hehehe.. i first time eat swensen.. after that we went to mac for ice cream..

then after that went to daryl's house for a few while.. then went to my uncle's house which is below my house.. cause is grand mother or grand father's death anniversary.. after that i went home and sleep quite early..

sunday.. start studying for NSS as monday (the next day) is nss test..

so monday having NSS then tuesday having maths..

then on wednesday i wake up at 5.30 and call jay to wake up and go to sch.. and we have test on that day also is nvst.. then we stay back for network protocol... and i alr sick on 25 june then my voice is so low like break voice.. and on that day i have been teaching and teaching and talking and talking til i cough and cough... til like no voice alr.. after that i wen home.. then i sleep for at least 2 hour.. then wake up and start studying til 12.. when sleeping time i keep waking up half way.. and my brain is all about the module that i have study.. then i wake up at 530 call jay to wake her up.. then wen to sch again early in the morning.. then 8 go to the classroom for test.. and yes! the paper is easy.. lucky.. after that plan to watch mr popper penguin with iffah.. but is raining dam heavy and we scare if we were to go the cathay raining heavy got no shelter and we nv bring umbrella go there oso no use.. so we decide to go to watch movie in sch.. i borrow 2 dvd and go home watch.. so juz in that afternoon i watch finish the dvd alr.. so fast.. and seriously i got nothing to do.. then after that i go to my brother room look for dvd.. and found 3 dvd to watch.. so yesterday night i alr watch finish one.. so left 2 dvd.. haiz.. so boring.. nothing to do... ok that all... bye!

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3 more days and is my MST period..

ytd went out with frenz to study.. can said is serious studying and playing studying.. ok most of it is playing studying.. but still i did study and learn smth from my own thing.. whole day at startbucks studying about protocol and calculating how to get the ip address range reminds me back in ite days.. when we doing the case study.. where me and jason the only ones who is thinking about the ip address and every time we ask mr chu correct a not if he say wrong we blame each other if correct we take the credit.. hahahaha.. and others copy for example rasul the most clever person.. i write what he oso follow i erase he oso erase.. but all in pencil.. clever right!! so while i was doing protocol.. i was so dam happy when i finally get the ip address.. even thought the mst dun have ans sheet but base on what i have learn.. actually i like my brain dam like.. even though i go lecture hall for lecture i dun listen sit down there play my phone games or chit chat with my frenz or read newspaper.. but when comes to tutorial i listen and understand what teacher teach and write down every thing he say and write.. you may see my tutorial ans or notes maybe messy but as long as i understand should be no problem! and the best part is i can no need to revise it.. i can be like this timing doing mst past paper by using my tutorial ans an example.. and the next thing i know how to do alr and how to arrive at that ans.. but theory part i think i have to force myself to rmb the word the whole meaning and etc.. juz like ccna.. so ytd went bacj home around 9 reach home going to 10.. so dam tired went back home by bus and slpt inside.. half way duno which gu du hit my head! idiot! but i was too tired to react to it.. ok now time for me is precious.. i have to do the thing i want to do before tmr.. as tmr i going to my cousin for a sleep over til saturday night then come back.. ok bye that all!! :)


when thing not going the way you want, doesnt means you can force the people around you to make it smooth..

Jun. 22nd, 2011

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Today is the most satisfied day of out of the whole June. Like finally I completed something that I want to complete. The whole I was so busy pack with things and all well plan before hand. But due to a lot of last min changes. All also follow to change. But for today. Plan to do wsh quiz and hacking quiz. And I completed it in one day!! Yeah! Hacking quiz I do the quiz and find ans at the same time lucky I pass even though got 3 attempt but dun wan to risk. As for wsh quiz there is a lecture need to study and I heard some of them say duration 8hr. But I didn't finish reading it and went to do the quiz end up the quiz is last asking for common sense thing some more I learn it in dnt before. No is the same as dnt. Juz like dnt paper the safety of using appliances and some thing abt the electrical thing. And yes! I pass some more is a multiple attempt. After doing a long duration of quiz. I was hungry and tired. Went to look for food and ate it full and next felt sleepy and went to take nap for abt 2 hr. And in this 2 hr I can even dream. And is a good dream. Hehehe. A very good and nice dream. Then bath and do sone stuff. And now going to slp soon. Tmr is going to be a long day outside for me. Going out to study. Hehehe with my frenz with though diff sch doff course but still can study together. Ok go to go! Bye!


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sian.. left one more week til MST.. i hate this feeling.. and the most problematic is that i haven finish studying my thing!! and this coming week im not free at all.. gonna slp over at my cousin's place.. til sat.. argh!! and today im so dam free at home til i dun wan to do anything.. but TIMES IS RUNNING OUT!! guess later i really have to force myself to do some study... dam it.. why do they have to change the stupid thing.. IDIOT!

last week i went to watch x men first class.. all i can said was.. it was so much better than kung panda 2! really and seriously!! after i watched it i have been telling my sister non stop on how nice it is.. and she watch it before me lah.. omg and the people in there is handsome oso (smile)... for others they will prefer alex summer.. but me charles xavier erm.. the young charles xavier.. who is james mcavoy.. ok ok.. i know he is old.. ya i know.. and the thing is that i duno why i prefer older man but not as in those old.. erm 36 and above.. james and tender is abt the same age.. see... seriously only this 2 person their face is always in my brain.. I WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN!!..

ok i should stop thinking abt them and starting pushing myself to do some real work! bye!




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